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6890 SW 44th St. ▪ Miami, FL 33155

786-314-6471 ▪ IT.C3RT@gmail.com  www.LinkedIn.com/in/castilloaj

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Professional Profile

Highly motivated bi-lingual professional eager to transfer 13+ years of a diverse and comprehensive career experience; with proven accomplishments in project management and process improvement.  Additional expertise in customer service, problem solving, and B2B/B2C Sales. A talent for communicating effectively with stakeholders using active listening, written communications, and solving conflicts patiently and respectfully keeping the end goal in mind.


MBA Process Improvement / Project Management  - NOVA University Degree (Pending June 2015)

Bachelor of Science – Business Management w/ Minor in MIS - University of New Orleans (2006)

Skills & Accomplishments

Process Improvement

  • Eliminated tedious and costly steps and improved client IT access by collaborating with the IT Manager to successfully implement processes for better utilizing the company’s intranet and implementing IT solutions to streamline daily tasks and responsibilities.

  • Analyzed error reports and assisted in implementing a process for identifying and correcting miss-keyed information that corrected problems with missing critical data in client documents, accounts payable and accounts receivable departments.

  • Assisted a client in a dire financial situation in creating a realistic budget that included document management, intranet security, and reducing the companies “Green Footprint”. 

  • Conducted analysis of internal workflows (IT and Document) and provided analytical reports to demonstrate and prove cost savings and minimize risk management. 

Project Management

  • Provided initial training and support to over 100+ clients simultaneously handling customer billing issues and growing the account with other process improvement and cost reduction products and services.

  • Identified, attained, and developed relationships with the various roles for a successful project (i.e champion, sponsor, steering committee, SMEs, and stakeholders).

Active Listening

  • Collaborated with small to mid-size businesses personnel and CEO’s to understand and learn their document and data workflow, earning their trust and confidence by demonstrating non-judgmental listening skills. “VOICE of the Customer”

  • Listened effectively to upper-management, department heads, and department personnel often simultaneously, assessing their needs and offering direction and support. Professionally represented the organization by demonstrating effective use of the "Three P’s" formula for communication (Patience, Politeness and Please).

Managing Conflict

  • Resolved conflicts between internal team members and the client’s department.

  • Helped diffuse potentially volatile situations with angry or misinformed clients by actively listening to concerns, serving as a liaison and providing objective feedback.


Employment History

RICOH        Miami, FL        Business & IT Solutions Consultant                                 2011 - 2015
Developed S. Florida relationships with small to mid-size businesses to assist with Hardware and Software in order to streamline their current workflow and reduce financial long-term overhead
International Business Consultant

  • Developed interest w/ business owners via presentations, and explaining Value Prop
  • Conducted walk-thru analysis to understand customer’s activity and tasks “bottlenecks” and to understand their hardware, software, and data infrastructure
  • Coordinated and managed the sales and implementation process from initial meeting to delivery, and finally customer satisfaction
  • Managed, motivated, and supervised outsourced projects to SMEs and implementation teams


PEARLMAN INDUSTRIES Miami, FL    Territory Sales Manager                            2008 - 2010
Developed S. Florida Channel Distribution Sales, Train & Motivate Sales Team
South Florida Territory Manager

  • Educated and motivated distributor’s sales force with Pearlman’s product line
  • Aggressively grew market share in South Florida for California based company
  • Conducted demonstrations and product knowledge classes for distributors
  • Built and fostered business rapport with local and international clients
  • Documented sales for Fiscal Year 2008 approximately $625,000

NATIONAL DIAMOND, New Orleans, La      Account Executive/Project Manager 2002 - 2005

Distributor of high quality construction and renovation equipment

Project Manager / International Sales Manager

  • Increased bottom line revenue by 29% within the New Orleans office
  • Set and achieved revenue goals for self as well as for sales team
  • Saved over $3,500 in costs in e-commerce project by efficiently utilizing in house talent
  • Negotiated purchasing contracts with domestic and international customers 


Military Service

US MARINE CORPS, Camp Lejeune, Nc                                                                  1998 - 2002

Supply Chain Logistics / Assistant Project Developer

  • Assisted in defining and developing scope and deliverables to source coders
  • Collaborated with government contractors to design procedures that increased efficiency, provided customer real time logistics, and incorporated redundant error check protocols
Aided technical writers to compose supporting documentation for proprietary logistics software