How does ASQ benefit a student?


1. Training and certification:  

Many training and certification options are available for those just getting started in the profession. A simple credential, such as the Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA), pales in comparison to the Black Belt; however, it differentiates one new professional from the rest. For the very small price, the network you build with other ASQ Certified professionals is invaluable.


2. Valuable networking:  

Most job seekers wait for vacancies to appear on the public job boards and submit their applications as part of the "cattle call". Students connected in ASQ network tap in to potential opportunities in the earliest stages. As an added bonus, the hiring manager is likely an ASQ member. Your membership gives you a leg up.

3. Community and mobility:

Society is both local and global. Opportunities may arise anywhere. ASQ connects you to other Quality professionals across cities, states, and countries. An ASQ Green Belt or Black Belt is recognized everywhere. That’s a huge advantage from simply being an ASQ member.

4. Projects:  

Students need work experience, but can’t get hired until they have it. It’s a common dilemma. ASQ has project opportunities that enable you to gain that experience. Often, employers providing projects find a place for you in their organization full time. You may also be able to get enough experience to qualify for your Black Belt. Imagine the impact of having that on YOUR resume’!

All this for only $29 per year and you can join right here!

Section 1510 is our sponsor. Use the school’s zip code (33314) when joining to make sure you’re hooked up with us.