Student Branch Pictures 2017-2018

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Student Branch Pictures (click on image for enlargement)

Academic Year 2017-2018

7/24/2018 Student Branch: Dr. Thinh Tran, President, Provider Network Solutions (PNS)

6/26/2018 Student Branch: Andrew Koenig, COO, City Furniture

6/8/2018 NSU MBA Graduation - Process Improvement graduates.  Congrats!

5/22/2018 Dr. Lawrence Wong, BHG, spoke about competing on analytics

4/24/2018 Janelle Seenath, Miami VA spoke about process improvement through system redesign

3/27/2018 Alfonso De Leon shared his transition from PI student to professional

2/2018 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference in Phoenix, AZ

2/7/2018 Tour of City Furniture hosted by Andrew Koenig, COO

1/30/2018 Carolina De Leon: Getting Ready for Exploratory Data Analysis 

11/28/2017 Practicum Project Presentations 

9/23/2017 Alumni Event