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Academic Year 2015-2016

Dinner Meeting 6/23/2016. Evy-Marie Pereira
from Sandford Barrows Group led a resume workshop

Dinner Meeting 5/24/2016. John Perry from Waste Management spoke
about strategic planning of process improvement

Dinner Meeting 4/19/2016. Chris Martinez from Centric Consulting
spoke about Agile/SCRUM

Dinner Meeting 3/22/2016. Carolina De Leon
spoke about transitioning from
student to PI professional at Waste Management

Dinner Meeting 1/26/2016. Regina Wieger spoke about PI at VA-Miami

First Meeting of 2015-2016 Academic Year: Elected New Officers
L to R: Outgoing officers
Cindy Silva, Secretary; Brooke Meltzer, Vice-Chair; Anna Schafer, Chair
Bruce Wills, Chair; Victor Carruyo, VIce-Chair; Paulette Herron, Secretary