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Academic Year 2016-2017

Nova ASQ students at
ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement
5/1-3/2017 Charlotte, NC

Greg Watson, General Manager
United Technologies Corp. UTAS
Miramar, FL
Process Improvement Operating Systems: Gotta Have One

Nina Segura, Metaspire: Leadership & Business Strategist
for High Profile Leaders -
How to Cultivate Change
through Process Improvement! 2/28/2017

Ami Porges from Sheridan Healthcare 2/28/2017

Lean Workshop 1/24/2017

Waste Management Material Recovery Facility (MRF) tour 12/3/2016

UTC tour 10/29/2016

Dinner Meeting 10/4/2016. Andrew Koenig from City Furniture
talked about their lean implementation, now in its 10th year
15 students and faculty attended and an additional
12 students attended virtually through live streaming
Recording is available HERE