ASQ Nova Student Branch Chair's Message

Welcome to the NSU Student Branch of the ASQ!

What exactly is ASQ and what benefits can it provide to you?

ASQ is a community of likeminded people who are enthusiastic about quality and NSU is home to the only student branch in all of south Florida. Since quality is no longer viewed as only beneficial in manufacturing industry, but has become a huge importance thought out all industries; all students of NSU are welcomed to join ASQ. Quality is a necessity to meet customer expectations and more importantly gaining customer loyalty to achieve long-term profitability, which is the goal for all companies!

Benefits of becoming an ASQ member include:

·         Meeting local business leaders and learning about how quality has helped their business prosper. Once a month we have a chosen speaker who comes to speak to the ASQ members including a free catered dinner!

·         Staying up to date on what is currently happing in the world of Quality though the Quality Progress magazine, ASQ Weekly newsletter, Quality News Today, and access to ASQ’s Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK®).

·         Networking opportunities such as meeting business leader in person and the ability to join the ASQ online communities.

·         Discounts on certifications, training, and ASQ products and services

·         Search job postings though the ASQ career center

You will have access to all of these benefits and many more, by simply joining ASQ for $29.00 a year! This is another huge discount for NSU students!

Not sure ASQ is for you? Check out our “upcoming events” link and give us a try before committing to a membership and enjoy a free meal on us!


ASQ Nova Student Branch Chair