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CQT - Certified Quality Technician

CMI - Certified Mechanical Inspector

CRE - Certified Reliability Engineer

CMQ/OE- Certified Quality Manager

CQE - Certified Quality Engineer

CQA - Certified Quality Auditor

CSQE - Certified Software Quality Engineer

CQIA - Certified Quality Improvement Associate

CCT - Calibration Technician


New, easy way to synchronize multiple ASQ certifications!  Instead of juggling prorations of points, if you want to synchronize a certification coming up for expiration with your other certifications, read on to see how easy it is!

How do I synchronize my certifications?

To initially synchronize two or more certifications all you need to do is include documentation and the 18 RU credits required to recertify the certification that is currently due.  On the front cover recertification application form, just indicate what other ASQ certifications you wish to  have synchronized with the certification that is currently due.  You are not required to provide evidence for any of the other certifications you are trying to synchronize.  As long as the one certification that is currently due is approved then all other certifications, as indicated on the application form, will be pulled back to expire the same as the certification which is most currently due.  Then for future recertifications,  you will only need to provide a total of 18 RU credits for all synchronized certifications on one application form along with one set of documentation. The fees for recertifying two or more certifications are:

ASQ Member ASQ Non-Member
1 certification $69 $109
2 or more certifications $89 total $109 each

Recertification Reminder
Some "points" to remember when accumulating your RU points for ASQ Recertification:

The six month grace period for recertifying is to help you prepare documentation, but is not an extension of time to accumulate points necessary to meet the 18 point requirement - please check that you've earned the necessary points before your Certifications expire.
Please be sure to include a form of payment for the recertification fee.

  • Credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) needs to include your signature, the card number and expiration date.

  • Payment by check or money order needs to include the payment document.  Omitting these by mistake delays your recertification.

  • If you are an ASQ Member, the $89 fee covers ALL your certifications saving you money over the non-member fee of $109 each

Send your Recertification Journals and form of payment (made payable to ASQ) to:

Jim Carbone
ASQ Section 1510 Recertification Chair
P. O. Box 4343
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338-4343

Email or call Jim with any questions at:

Email: Jim_Carbone@yahoo.com
Tel:    954.817-9797

     Fax:   954.202.0255 

"Note: Sending your Recertification packages by Express or Certified mail costs more and can delay receipt. If you need a delivery confirmation, use the USPS "Delivery Confirmation" for less than a dollar and I'll receive your Recertification Journal (whether or not the Post Office is open) and you'll have the confirmation you requested." 

How to Maintain Certification

Download this presentation to learn how to manage your re-certification units on ASQ's website